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Best Organic Skin Care


For a skin care product to really be organic, the main ingredient
must be derived from a living plant or animal.

First, if you think you are buying organic skincare, the 1st ingredient must be botanical, NOT water. The term “organic” can only be used when describing something derived from a living plant or animal.

Second, water cannot hydrate skin, because skin cannot absorb water. Think about it, if skin could absorb water, we would physical be unable to swim. While there is a small amount of water that actually does get absorbed into the keratin layer of the skin (bath wrinkles), no hydration occurs.

Lastly, the task of the base ingredient in skincare products is to deliver all other ingredients into the skin. Aloe, and not water, is the most effective way to deliver these ingredients, and allow our products to do what we intended them to do. Once again, aloe is awesome!